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Speakers: Lynn Simpson, MPH & Jeremy Alphonse

In collaboration with the Harvard Catalyst | The Harvard Clinical and Translational Science Center, REDCap and REDCap Survey are free, secure, web-based applications hosted by the ERIS Team and designed to support data capture for research studies

Speakers: Lynn Simpson, MPH & Jeremy Alphonse

Enterprise Research Infrastructure & Services, ERIS, has an enterprise license for LabArchives for all researchers to use at no cost. LabArchives is a web-based application designed for scientists to organize and share laboratory data with their study team, department, across Partners institutions and with external collaborators. Access rights are controlled by the notebook owner and can be modified to suit the individual needs of each researcher, educator, or contributor.

Click here for introductory training slides from LabArchives Product Specialist Patrick Callahan.

Speakers: John Putzke, PhD & Chris Shaw

StudyTRAX is an innovative, web-based electronic data capture (EDC) system (e.g., build forms, run study) offering dramatic productivity gains by streamlining the execution of clinical research (e.g., clinical trials, patient registries, surveys) and completely integrating the dissemination phase (e.g., creating manuscripts).

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